Our Business

The reason for our business

There are four fundamental reasons that lead us to develop this project:

1- The growing need of young people today to play an active role in the preservation of the environment, impacting not only on its immediate environment, but on different parts of the world.

2- The development and prestige that Costa Rica has as a leading country in education and preservation of the environment.

3- New trends in education, which need to complement formal education with attractive experiences of high impact for youth.

4- The strength and development of the economy and social trends in China, which drives their citizens to invest in the integral development of their youth


The target customers of Eco Intercultura Costa Rica are:

1- Students of International Colleges coming initially from the Republic of China, with ages ranging from 13 to 17 years, to whom we offer a highly

2- The parents of the participants, to whom we offer the comprehensive security of children during the program and strengthening skills stop life in a program

3- The Educational Centers from which the participants come, we offer the include in their offer a high impact educational activity that complements their curriculum, and can also be used as a motivation factor since each school can send at no cost, one educator for every 8 students from the same school participate in the program