Our Program

The participants of ECO Intercultura CR, will enjoy a detailed program of activities that combines the experience of knowing the exuberant scenic beauty of Costa Rica, with leisure activities and service projects, specially designed to meet educational objectives.

The components of the program are:


A wide range of activities in the city, Mountain and Beach rafting, visit Parks National, visit to the Caribbean sector of our country, Volcanoes, horseback riding, dolphin and whale watching in the Pacific sector, hiking trails where participants will enjoy the lush beauty of Costa Rica.


The experience will allow participants to approach in a dynamic and attractive way Costa Rican culture, through guided tours of indigenous reserves, cooking workshops and masks, interaction with young Costa Ricans, to community service projects. These experiences will be developed through dynamics and guided activities with their own culture, allowing them to understand the importance of interculturalism in today’s world.


Through guided tours, visits to national parks, interactive talks, group dynamics, individual exercises and exchange of experiences with young Costa Ricans; We will encourage participants to exercise greater ecological awareness.

Community Service:

During their stay in Costa Rica, participants will develop two community services, one focused working in indigenous communities, another ecological area in the Caribbean focused on the environmental area, this area of the program is structured in such a way that the participants combine hours of service with talks with experts that will allow them to know the impact interaction with young Costa Ricans and dynamics of reflection to increase their social awareness.

The different axes of the program will be articulated through a program of activities that intertwines excursions with dynamics, talks and other activities.

Duration of the Program

Structure of a day of activities

Guided Tours to different places according to program of activities

Group Dynamics

Reflection and Competence Development Activities

Services offered

  • Travel guide with all the necessary details for participation in the different stages of the experience
  • Tickets Naijing China / San Jose Costa Rica / Naijing China
  • Insurance for travel
  • Accommodation from arrival to departure in Costa Rica
  • Ground transportation to all CR activities
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner during your stay in Costa Rica
  • 2 t-shirts, handbag, jacked, water bottle, company logo
  • Full program of activities from your arrival to your departure from CR
  • Daily information of activities through social networks

The program has a duration of 18 days, starting from the departure to the international airport, developments activities in Costa Rica and the return trip to their country of origin.

Schedule of activities:

  • 01

    Air Transfer

    Airport Reception
  • 02
  • 03

    Intercultural Activities

    In Downtown San José
  • 04

    Bahía Ballena

    Beach Excursions
  • 05
  • 06

    Bahía Ballena Hike

    Return to San José
  • 07

    Irazú Volcano

    Tierra Blanca
  • 08

    Community Service

    Activities with youngs costa ricans
  • 09

    Community Service

    Adventure Activities
  • 10

    Adventure Activities

    Transfer to Talamanca
  • 11

    Intercultural Experience

    In indigenous reserve
  • 12

    Ecological Experience

    and Adventure In Cahuita National Park
  • 13

    Community Service

    In Talamanca, group dynamics

  • 14

    Transfer to San José

    Shopping, closing acivities
  • 15

    Fly Home

    To your country



Second and third week of July, first of August 2020


Each participant must realize and cover the required visa costs, the company will provide all the information required and advise the parents in the process.

Accompanying teachers

For every 8 students from the same College in the program, the institution can send at no cost to an educator who will accompany the group at all times, enjoy the activities and collaborate in the monitoring of participants and the development of some dynamics.


Accommodation will vary according to area and type of activity will generally be in triple rooms to quadruple for students, always separated by gender, and in single or double rooms for educators

In San Jose the accommodation will be a hotel with excellent location.

Overnight Stay in Talamanca

Lodging in Sarapiquí

Transportation in Costa Rica

All the transport will be in duly registered microbuses of tourism, with all the permissions established in the Costa Rican legislation, insurance and qualified personnel for the attention of foreign tourists.